Seeking The Subtle

Seeked the Ether before? Or stumbled on the juice accidentally. Let’s make a promise to the new moon to be present and ready. It will pass us this cycle, let’s wait in stillness

Another one in Cave

The voices in cave echoes I was strolling in memory lane It swooped me and carried me to this dark cave Mountains of red grave, It’s alley after alley of compressed voices Silent shrieks of ‘can’t’ ‘won’t’ ‘shouldn’t’ Chains of pain ropewalk have been forcefully cut before This cold, sinister place I have lost but... Continue Reading →

Arching vines

Just like vines, I know the path of nourishment and nurturing You can’t deny me It’s etched deep inside I know where to look for light - Rupika Moitra.

Copyright and Credit

Reading mirror of consciousness next. Look up flutter and Glide on Instagram Blessed people, you all are equipped with skills within to bring your own truth. It is the most important truth of life. All my material is copyrighted and for our collective experience and you can add to the completion. There’s no one who... Continue Reading →

Perched Soul

  "What if the soul could detached and refuse to connect to a ruminating self. Then, would we stop self-loath. Is there still too much noise deflecting intrinsic wisdom? Is it the mere fault of focus that is stuck on deliverance and ignore soul's guidance?"   This morning, The soul left self, It felt contained,... Continue Reading →

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