Personal Mastery & Collective Consciousness

What do you think of collective consciousness? Together as a society, we feel the pathos of injustice to one and stand up for it. What does that symbolises? Does it symbolises that we all feel for others. There are times- epic times – when we forget the ‘otherness’ of others and stand up for a someone’s indiviual rights- Be it a woman, a child, a man, an animal or for protection of our reseves and natural environment. To me, that represents times of collectivism. When we wish peace upon the world- that’s our conscious making an effort to connect with the universe with the sole purpose of giving.

What according to you is an area of mastery? Is it an area that you are or would like to be great at? Something inside you constantly nudges you to keep moving in direction of practice- practice running, cycling, musical instrument, whistling, make-up, cooking to keep improving. This may be your voice of personal mastery. Listen to it, very carefully.

My personal mastery wants me to write constantly- not literature rich but heartful content, intuned with the voice of subconcious-directly connected to the collective conscious. Voice of personal mastery is hard on you. Isn’t it? It doesn’t let you put out there anything that you do not know in your experience to be “mastered.” But after years of not starting…. I realised mastery is conjoint effort of attempting, flowing with it and growing from it and the journey is actually more magnificient that the destination. Life flows in between those nameless road of trying and learning. The journey teaches. It’s unnecessary to hide the journey and present the final piece- it dillutes the transitions in human experience.

This human experience of mine is connected with you all.pexels-photo-289586.jpeg It wants to grow and grow..It also wants to give and it falters and forgets that it is formed to give – with or without appreciation. Personal mastery expands beyond  meeting personal goals and agenda when it reaches out and expands the collective conscious. I have had glimpse of that expeirnce of transcendence. Come with me on this journey where I rediscover myself in my writing and share my experience of  filling two  foundational human needs-‘ Growing and Giving.’

What would you like to master? A song. A handshake.

What would you like to add to our collective conscious? A smile. A prayer.

Loving kindness to all…

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