Flower never weeps


Petals of desires,
Cherished attire,
Swaying in the breeze,
Waving to the trees,
Adorning every scene, grand or skim,
Life, death, love, hearts at brim,
Present with fragrance and serenity
In its presence, hearts never dim

Greeting the day with blooming charm,
Waiting with wide open arms,
Golden gleam of love showered
Soaked in golden gleam,
Then sharing it’s gold with the bees,
Dusk falls, it preserves love and glee,
Blessings upheld with innocence carefree.

Alone in green, never seemed in pride,
Only cheered the forest, humbly, it smiled,
Bewildered the wanderer, beautified his mind,
A smile of serenity, he then carried for miles,

When surrounded with similar,
No tears of envy, no comparison,
Only purpose familiar,
To spread what’s within,
Abundant beauty mirroring deep love,
Love for us to sink in;

It sees, hurt, pain, vanity around,
It’s sees, envy, rage, insanity surround,
But it never plays the game,
Someone fair is adjusting blames,

It never weeps;
For what’s lost, what’s unfair,
A knowingness of inner purpose,
It’s celebrate an existence of sincere,
It smiles with inner beauty,
Sublime love, it’s sole duty,
Emanating from it’s source, all the pain, it sweeps,
A true flower never weeps………


On a gleaming night like tonight

On a gleaming night like tonite,
Poets can’t sleep,
Lovers crave to meet,
On a night like tonite,
Fairies visit children’s dream,
They smile as they feast on cookies and cream,
A night like tonite,
Hopes rises from fire- built chimneys or frosted window rims,
With warmth, they linger on aura’s seam,
It sits beside and cover the untucked bare shoulder,
And caress the strayed hair,
Softly touches every speck with pecks of care,
Night like tonite,
Flowers flow and hums,
breeze plays the strings,
Souls swings,
Up in the air,
Like tonite,
For many nights,
Blessings finds us,
Moment dangle and dances,
Time stops the races,
Night- like this one,
I wake as I sleep……
– Rupika Moitra

Personal Mastery & Collective Consciousness

What do you think of collective consciousness? Together as a society, we feel the pathos of injustice to one and stand up for it. What does that symbolises? Does it symbolises that we all feel for others. There are times- epic times – when we forget the ‘otherness’ of others and stand up for a someone’s indiviual rights- Be it a woman, a child, a man, an animal or for protection of our reseves and natural environment. To me, that represents times of collectivism. When we wish peace upon the world- that’s our conscious making an effort to connect with the universe with the sole purpose of giving.

What according to you is an area of mastery? Is it an area that you are or would like to be great at? Something inside you constantly nudges you to keep moving in direction of practice- practice running, cycling, musical instrument, whistling, make-up, cooking to keep improving. This may be your voice of personal mastery. Listen to it, very carefully.

My personal mastery wants me to write constantly- not literature rich but heartful content, intuned with the voice of subconcious-directly connected to the collective conscious. Voice of personal mastery is hard on you. Isn’t it? It doesn’t let you put out there anything that you do not know in your experience to be “mastered.” But after years of not starting…. I realised mastery is conjoint effort of attempting, flowing with it and growing from it and the journey is actually more magnificient that the destination. Life flows in between those nameless road of trying and learning. The journey teaches. It’s unnecessary to hide the journey and present the final piece- it dillutes the transitions in human experience.

This human experience of mine is connected with you all.pexels-photo-289586.jpeg It wants to grow and grow..It also wants to give and it falters and forgets that it is formed to give – with or without appreciation. Personal mastery expands beyond  meeting personal goals and agenda when it reaches out and expands the collective conscious. I have had glimpse of that expeirnce of transcendence. Come with me on this journey where I rediscover myself in my writing and share my experience of  filling two  foundational human needs-‘ Growing and Giving.’

What would you like to master? A song. A handshake.

What would you like to add to our collective conscious? A smile. A prayer.

Loving kindness to all…

15 things that mislead me in my teens

pexels-photo-255441.jpegIf there’s any information that you could put out in the world- what purpose would it be for- Sometimes ranting, sometimes justice, sometimes peace but sometimes it’s important to put out your critcal evaluation paper on life. There’s a common question asked to many celebrities several times especially influencial, powerful woman and that is:

What would you tell you 15 year old self? I feel this is one of the most relevant questions in the paradigm of ‘questions’ and I feel a sense of passion, I would like to dwell on it..in hopes that even if a single 15 year old comes across this.. and find it worthwhile

So here goes:

1) I would tell her, take it easy..and take it slow- There’s no opportunity that is meant for you and won’t wait for you. You are worth the Wait.

2) Self love is not shopping. Shopping whilst gives a rush and we crave it..but it leaves without a sense of deep fulfillment. By all mean fill your worth with consumerable goods but add a real aspect of achievement through work or hobby.

3) Honestly, if everything goes according to the plan..the scope of growth narrows. Expect less and plan less for short term but persevere for long term goals.

4) Your veggie diet, exercise, ability to harness talents, posture and confidence determines how beautiful you appear and feel..(This is long term). If you haven’t worked or tried any of it and still appear beautiful.. It’s a congratulations for your face. Skin colour is a mindset plaque..try to look at yourself and other beyond shades. You are not a shadecard!!!!

5) The fascination of books and Travel is real.. It holds true..It’s magic will hold true all your life. Manifestation is real..you can invite your dream to be your reality. Don’t try and shuv the negative thoughts…just let them pass ..or hold it if you need to..just be aware that you are holding it…If you are aware you will learn to let go.

6) Now… Boys/ Men-On that topic..we spend years fantasising the right man. Tall/ dark/Fair/ Intellectual/ Sense of humor…Guess what!! it is relevant but guess what too- The boy / The man- you attract will be directly propotional to your self- worth. At whichever stage of life you are at… find worth..add worth to youself.

Also guess what- every relationship will dissapoint. Keep the expectation low from others and higher from self.

7) Lucky last, (for now) Don’t seek perfection. Don’t seek approval. Seek mastery, seek transformation. P.s.- Introvert/Extrovert- whichever label is in – Don’t pay heed. They fade. You tell yourself- You are always in trend.

P.S.- Alone time is a basic right and necessity to hear your own voice.

To my 15 year old self. You did good, very good. You could have believed in yourself more. Do it from this moment. Give it to yourself now.

Peace and love!