Flower never weeps

Petals of desires, Cherished attire, Swaying in the breeze, Waving to the trees, Adorning every scene, grand or skim, Life, death, love, hearts at brim, Present with fragrance and serenity In its presence, hearts never dim Greeting the day with blooming charm, Waiting with wide open arms, Golden gleam of love showered Soaked in golden... Continue Reading →

On a gleaming night like tonight

On a gleaming night like tonite, Poets can't sleep, Lovers crave to meet, On a night like tonite, Fairies visit children's dream, They smile as they feast on cookies and cream, A night like tonite, Hopes rises from fire- built chimneys or frosted window rims, With warmth, they linger on aura's seam, It sits beside... Continue Reading →

15 things that mislead me in my teens

If there's any information that you could put out in the world- what purpose would it be for- Sometimes ranting, sometimes justice, sometimes peace but sometimes it's important to put out your critcal evaluation paper on life. There's a common question asked to many celebrities several times especially influencial, powerful woman and that is: What... Continue Reading →

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