Flower never weeps


Petals of desires,
Cherished attire,
Swaying in the breeze,
Waving to the trees,
Adorning every scene, grand or skim,
Life, death, love, hearts at brim,
Present with fragrance and serenity
In its presence, hearts never dim

Greeting the day with blooming charm,
Waiting with wide open arms,
Golden gleam of love showered
Soaked in golden gleam,
Then sharing it’s gold with the bees,
Dusk falls, it preserves love and glee,
Blessings upheld with innocence carefree.

Alone in green, never seemed in pride,
Only cheered the forest, humbly, it smiled,
Bewildered the wanderer, beautified his mind,
A smile of serenity, he then carried for miles,

When surrounded with similar,
No tears of envy, no comparison,
Only purpose familiar,
To spread what’s within,
Abundant beauty mirroring deep love,
Love for us to sink in;

It sees, hurt, pain, vanity around,
It’s sees, envy, rage, insanity surround,
But it never plays the game,
Someone fair is adjusting blames,

It never weeps;
For what’s lost, what’s unfair,
A knowingness of inner purpose,
It’s celebrate an existence of sincere,
It smiles with inner beauty,
Sublime love, it’s sole duty,
Emanating from it’s source, all the pain, it sweeps,
A true flower never weeps………


One thought on “Flower never weeps

  1. Hope it brings a smile to you, the reader. All you need for bliss is a decision- A decision to flow and not to control. Loving kindness to all

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