How the story goes

Both are chasing ambition…a blurry plan. Both are eager to taste freedom brought on by youth. Fate has them chasing their dreams on the same boat. The dream tweaks from personal purpose to finding love of self through him. Strange, she recognised not him but something between them..something old, something that have stand tests of time. Time, lives, entanglement. The boy is already with someone and he cares deeply. The girl is oblivious- she falls hard, deep and once. Hearts are broken, hurt is hurled, passion is engulfing life’s movement but values keep them apart. Integrity makes this boy – a man. Integrity also keeps them in pain. Away, apart, when their hearts sing, the only thing they can do is communicate through their eyes. She reads everything, she reads too much, she wants to read too much. Longing eyes and guarded faces- they cross paths but rejects signs of togetherness.

In compassion, he writes- It’s not you that I don’t want. It is winning this feeling for us on cost of pain to the other. This MAN is made of those particles of principle, she thought. He is the one. I am glad I got to know, just this. THIS EXISTS!!

She resolves, She will not be the cause of pain but she will care. She will not cross the lines of acquaintance- This is not a frienship. She made that clear. She stands between the whirlwinds of love, pain, rejection and yet she is absolutely sure. All there is to do is feel this unrequited love and distribute it to friends, to life, to work. Time moves slow, time paces quickly- He tells her before going. I am crossing seas. We won’t see each other again. Universe can’t stop its nagging sign- she is dizzy at the thought of not even crossing path. Transpiring hope lets her hand go…….

She is glad to have felt it.

Then one day, there is freedom in his voice. He cares still for others but he knows one thing for sure that his life has meaning with sense of integrity. He finds it with her. So standing there was LOVE!! Something within her kept telling her and she believed.

Beginning of LOVE- Is it just  beginner’s luck. Now is the test – the test again to stand the test of times. Years – you have to wait for me, communicate through open voices. Crazy – this love was called. Unrealistic. But the voices always answered each other. For years they waited. They pleased everyone, fulfilled expectation of the  world for it brought them to this shore. They trivialised experiencing complaints of distance, for all their hearts could fit was gratitude.  It never is smooth sailing..But they didn’t mind…They reached that one shore of forever. Since then, they have sailed many other shores- parenthood, abodehood, purpose, contribtuion.

Now, He thinks often of it but never says. He just smiles at her and she recognises the smile that reminisces that sacred shore.

She doesn’t tell him either that she thinks often of that deep contentment and knowing.  That moment when she knew that “IT EXISTS.”

Destiny doesn’t tell them but they all know when moments and memories smiles at this dance of life, where Time smiled …………it’s smile of surety.

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