Seeking Self

pexels-photo-256963.jpegHuman perception about self and others is just that, Perceptions. It doesn’t come from the bedrock of truth rather just the mere placement in a particular combination of place and time. Similar set of circumstances can look a lot different, with different set of eyes. Shamans and counsellor seek within you those eyes, that can look at circumstances differently and find the silver lining. The right proportion of emotions and logic makes for self-actualization.  In all forms, we are walking towards it. Whether we get it right or we learn what is not working. We have realization. Proportions can be balanced. Perceptions can be changed. Awareness can be created within self.

Nature and nurture both can provide and devoid the self. But it is “self” that denies the ability to change. Embracing change is the hardest for us all. We all fall in love with the patterns because minds like control. It can control patterns.

But, who is the master?

One step at a time.

Accept, what is constructivitely innate about self. Walk towards that constant which is change. Keepsakes are your values and the love. Know your biases. Embrace the weirdness- the fabulousness of self. It’s different, yes because we were not born clones. Everything else is taken care of. The universe is dancing, can you find the rhytm to self.

You are your own niche.

-Rupika Moitra

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