I talked about abuse and made you uncomfortable? Good.

*True story beyond the respectability politics*- Read something real and feeling hopeful about the state of human emotions and how it is still handled with Integrity🙏🏽 Thanks Natalia
No one feels can talk anymore, in the world of appearances. Your post reassures of human aspect of deeply thinking of pain and transformation. I would love my reader to connect with empathy to universal pain. The Goal to understand it through mind, logic with ‘should’ is futile. But to care and support the journey of others coz -” You are them too”.

Natalia A.

“People mistake vulnerability for intimacy. It’s not just annoying, it’s damaging.” — these words from my friend and Anti-Nihilist Institute co-founder Anna Lind-Guzik have been knocking around in my head lately for a reason.

Vulnerability is a useful tool of connecting to one’s audience. This isn’t just true of confessional writing. When I began to open up about leaving Russia/an abusive relationship, I did so with an explicit goal in mind: Draw attention to the problem, and show people how abuse *really* works.

It was also obviously important for me to emotionally connect with my audience and friends in general. Pain becomes more manageable when you feel less alone. All of this is normal — mundane, even.

I wasn’t surprised by the amount of odd, insensitive, prying and condescending messages I received. A lot of them came from men who have trouble processing vulnerability — in all of its forms…

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