Long road to Bliss


Two parallel roads of life;

A road of shortcuts,

Curtailing every hurdle, negating all that’s diffcult,

Road of quick gratifications,

Quickly satiating yet quickly forgotten,

Reaching the shores,

Something seems-  left ‘Unexplored’

The long road is full of rubble, wait and struggle,

Yet, it promises, dreaminess of dreams untold,

Walking at it, I surrender to the whole;

Feeling pain and pleasure, all in my presence,

With unearthly practicality, I walk till I am worn,

No rewards, I can hold,

My cup is too small,

No fear of being fooled,

Not fooled, I am with, what seems,

Glitters never conveyed, what soul beseeched…

Knowing your wish,

Which road will I pick?

Not the road covered in jiff, with pleasure amidst,

Can’t leave lessons unravelled, for convenience of road easily travelled,

With courage and blessings, I walk where wisdom awaits,

Lessons falls on lap,

No rush to reach the gates,

Walking still, if I don’t see the end,

No glory of destination, I would sing, boast or tell,

Embracing it’s pace,

It was never a race,

I walk towards,

the bliss of eternity where endless love is a certainty;

For a journey that takes me to my ‘Home Unknown.’

…Rupika Moitraroad-sun-rays-path.jpg

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