Is karma logical?

As we produce, this masses of pain within ourselves. God forbid, it was us or a kin… would be able to be so just or chose peace. What would we want? Loathe them with might, Burn them at stakes? Execute them with extreme torture? Can’t help thinking, why don’t they have anything to lose? What systems let them down to not have any stakes? To not look at a woman as a human but just a piece. What deprivity, what lack, what knowing of self failing or unacheivability can turn a man to beast that pounces and is captivated to snatch like animal.

The story unfolds of another life brutally taken as the lust of humans( not worthy of the title) met an unfortunate amalgam of chance. A fellow sister, a powerful being, trapped in circumstance where men acted like a group of wild dogs. Their animalistic instinct at peak. The calling in the air – burn them all, burn them at stakes. The French revolutions comes to mind. Is the severe punishment of the vileness of these empty emotionless shells – the answer to end evil? The need for lesson to them. Their depriving, they crassness, their animal instinct. Is there no other way? And what of the pain that they leave behind. The hate that they called upon themselves. But us, who see as the distant life story unfolds : what are we to choose: justice or peace. One would think the world have evolved from time of French Revolution. The doer of the deed, the caught : now gets eaten so we feel safe and sleep. But how many more are there? How many time we have to go through the shrieks of a sister? And then shrieks of perpetrators.

Our karma of pain that perpetuates into extreme hatred. Where does it stays but inside us? We think of them and shudder like the sister and want to finish the cause, forbidden is its effect.

But is it enough? Who are we punishing: the doer or the doing?

Where is karma in all this? Our karma of hate, who does it help? Does it help the girl who lost her life, who shuddered and cried blameless for the unsafe environment. How do we avenge what is taken from her?

We can’t think out of pain and hatred. We ask and ask. We feel her pain. May we pay knowing we think of her and respect what she lost. May we return her respect with empathy.

But logical, it is not meant to be. I don’t know for sure. What I know for sure is the doer is not the doing. But the doer pays without our hate. Compassion is a far stretch but let’s just pray for sisters to stay safe and men to be safe enough in their abilities and environment to not gang up like beasts and be a threat.

Trust karma and may be pray.

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