Mirror of consciousness

Shine yours

Opaque surface,

Sheaths of protective survival layers,

Then one day,

A vision;

Of self and nature untwined,

Translucent surface,

A sheet faded,

A paradigm, defying clear thinking, stands in front

Chaste and clear,

But comfort adheres,

Changes are slow,

The pace is yours,

You see your world; Open: And then, you let it go,

You chose to rise, then wish for it all to be slow,

For days, I sleep;

This was more than I seeked

Never mind, my awareness of the switch,

I choose manic chores

For I can keep the scores,

I can play this forever,

Who won, who lost,

How far is the shore,

A moving goal post,

You can keep doing more;

I flick the switch,


No sound,

No sight,

Did I lose the treasured find,

The torrents of knowing,

The squander of blessings,

Only because it didn’t scream,

Last one! Hurry!

Going, going, gone!!!!

It’s abundance makes it : not precious to us

We who enjoy joy only, when misery sits around;

One day again,

Your yearn to learn fastens you to inner city of churns,

As it slowly grinds and churns,

Pain, pleasure, denial, acceptance;

Joy, fears, desires, unfathomable notions

Come up

Up comes the master of awareness

To look up the bundle that is “you” in light

You look too grim in front of this bright,

This effortless, selfless bright

And this little world of self and all it’s pride,

You try and let go some churns of old times

The sheath opens up pores,

The opened pores moves the breath to channel of clear space

Where a spades a spade

A shift of perspective:


“A world for me”


“This world of mine”

A vision again;

Someday, this clearing ,

Will make the outsides of holding ‘rights’ ‘wrongs’ go away,

The inside storage will fade-away

The breath will carry with it then,

Most beautiful friend,


Clear enough to radiate back the light of the master

Until then,

I polish this mirror of consciousness,

Waiting to be all that the light wants me to be……

🙏🏽Rupika Moitra🙏🏽

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