Existential woes

Immerse in life and light some lives

Words feel like Laws and rule

Preachings of

“BE Positive and Stay Calm,

When did you find answer in them

Let them be unheard

These orders for slaves

Be you : be sad, worry, be selfish, be mad : just stay open to learning about self

The portals advises are carried from those

Who can’t vouch for their own truth

They would like to believe the ideals of morality

But they disown bits that shame them

Can we glorify the story of shame?

When glory stares at the one,

Owning a life fully lived

With all its marks, pain and bruises

Let’s live full and filled

Let’s aim for progress

Perfection is for the lives not immersed

Pauses for life’s unexpected bends

Pleasure seeking for swallow diver

Courage, the gift and honour for alchemising the curve balls

Fulfillment, Yes, you allowed it all…

– Rupika Moitra

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