Annuals or Perennials?

Photo by Pixabay on A generic conversation with the woman in their 60's led me to examine how women feel about themselves and aging. How a simple conversation around age gets exasperated with valour " I feel so young" as if admission of the opposite is a testament of defeat. Why does : old... Continue Reading →


We are all broken in some places, We all are healing, Yet we meet others, And want to love, Openly or deep down, We want to love, We attach qualities to the one we love Or expect to love Coming we don't want to hurt anymore We are self healers and sounding boards to others... Continue Reading →


Slow breath, Measured stride, Wall of caution, Flight in stride, A little push, A friendly smile, An encouraging friend, A gift to confide, Watch then, As we rise, We rise and propel to glide, Watch with calm presence, As destiny takes flight. -Rupika Moitra


- to comply to the norm. A line from many movies that is stuck to the brain- new brides being told often that men have needs and they need to be met, so they don't try and meet them outside the boundaries of relationship. So what are deepest instinctual needs and calling of a woman?... Continue Reading →

It’s all Proportional

Life is not an absolute. Parts of it are perfect and some part are not so perfect. Embracing the imperfect bits gets harder when we are conditioned to flaunt only the bits that are picture perfect. Here is my effort to keep it chaotic and real. Two corresponding incidents of life: Driving out of my... Continue Reading →


The seed of self keeps losing itself, The plant keeps finding itself afixed at a crossroads, The seed was thirsty, after being planted in the garden. It was watered with care for the first week, maybe two, Then expected to flower which it couldn't bear. The plant grew up always looking for those that could... Continue Reading →

Her days are bright

Alone is solace of soul and not lonely, Her days are bright; Apart means her rays are clearer Unblurred and immiscible in other's shade, Her contours simultaneously expanding and defined, Her madness is fervour passion of depths inside, She walks inside towards surfaces deeper than many mines, She soars in imaginations to skies higher than... Continue Reading →

Tapestry of love

  This tapestry of love is mystical, Sews of sensitivity shines out in yellows, Butterflies in plum thread are the moments of passion, Reds are burnt from flames of separation, Somber blues- the palpable pain, the heart endured, But, right next are orange flowers sewn, Gift of creativity that the caves of separation, Pink waves... Continue Reading →

Inner God

Inner god shows up some days love thy neighbour, it says; Focus on the unloved, The unaccepted, The frail ones, The unaccustomed ones, Inner god grew as we listen We gave it power and now feel it’s joy There’s strong sense of duty, But it’s not burdensome, it is you- complete in joy and ready,... Continue Reading →

Subtle gives of love

Eleven years of relationship has washed away every marketed assumption of love. Every gross emotion had nothing to do with love. Passion and promise played their parts, yet it never filled the uneneding tunnel of wants. At the end of it, I was still standing alone. I wasn't letting in Scared, I wasn't free, still. As... Continue Reading →

Wash me away

May tides wash away mortal-ness, Each expectation, every ounce of greivance sweeped, Amazement of unbound aliveness underneath, May lessons of love be etched in heart so deep, May knowledge be inked in minds concrete, May the salts of sea rub away all ignorance, May it tinge the skin, it reeks, Purify every judgement, all misdeed,... Continue Reading →

Not a leaf moves

      As I stand and contemplate, Not a leaf moves, Delivering an intent, Priceless is a gift of listening, Gift it and be blessed, Surrounded by epiphanies, Tree sway as they say, Now,  FLOW.................................................

Bye Bye Love

No talks about optimism, self -love, butterflies, yearnings and sunshine. Here, the deal is with raw pain, real fear, failure, hopelessness and injustice. There is no life without these- why throw them as obsolete..they have a purpose to sieve the greatness out of mediocrity. Cry it out. Let the hell break lose- why not "wars... Continue Reading →

Coral reef and Consumerism

    Dear conscious being and lovers of writing, I find myself constantly evolving with reading all your blog and attempting to write and experiment with all that needs a loud thump and voice. All that we come across, think about and never pen down. So here it goes. It is october 2018. I am... Continue Reading →


They whisper, They smile, They sing silently like a soothing lulaby, Some days, they torment like a nagging child, I wake with them, I sleep saying some, Then, In dreams they come, Like writing in the sky, I read them above the sea, I read them in clouds passing by,   I look for them... Continue Reading →

Sip of Life

  Placing the crystal glasses for soul mates today, I took out the wine fermented in my yesterday, To me, It smells, oh so familiar, Nostalgia in every sip, Too strong for them, I presume, I fermented raw passion of youth, This wine was mixed with arrogance of invincibility,   So, I opened new bottle... Continue Reading →

Flowerbeds along the way

  This Era, Or That, Life transpires in thread of breaths, Moments walked, They never aim for shores, Eachtime, The destined seeked a cherished garden, They missed countless flowerbeds, Along the way........................     -Rupika Moitra ........................................   इस दौर, उस दौर, ज़िन्दगी की डोर, पल गुज़रा, पंहुचा कहीं और हम मंज़िलोह पर ढूंढ रहे... Continue Reading →


    काश, इत्तेफ़ाक़ फिर दस्तक दे, पहले के मंज़र की आहत हो, ख्वाबोह के मुकल्लम होने पर, ख्वाबोह में ही रहने की सज़ा मुकर्रर हो           Chance knocks again,  A moment cherised whipers again, Send me an invitation, which moment would be chosen now, The one where the dream realised,... Continue Reading →

Prayer for the Inner Temple

    Let the thoughts drip away, like sweat, For the force they exert, Let the wisdom seep inside, Subtle in their delight Absorbed in this parched being, Are lessons lived. Wounds disguised, Becoming every ounce, Drenching every inch, This whole is of sweat and turmoil, But also; of untold glory and delight....   -Rupika... Continue Reading →


The fight between the self ( ego and the one that surrenders) is bigger than any war going outside. Every outside enemy/ war that propels one to choose side and fight is but a distraction not to fight the 'egoic self' "And if I take your enemy away Who are you then? " Transcendence happens... Continue Reading →

The waiting

Baaz- umr, Takte Takte, Rihah huye, Sulagte haste, Bhor, subah, shaam, Waqt ke dher, Sarakte Sarakte, Qaid, mushtek, Baraste- haste, Baaz-e-umr Most of lifetime, I stared at time, I waited, When freedom came, I had burned myself yet I had a smile, Dawn, morning and dusk, Mildews of time, They kept slipping away, I am... Continue Reading →

I burned the bridge

  I burned the bridge, For it led to the known station, It leads me to containment, It reassures and but it doesn't satiates, I still wanna walk a mile astray,   I burned the bridge, It keeps me quiet, It pacifies well. The revolution inside,   I burned the bridge, It's too comfortable, obstructing... Continue Reading →

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